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The 3rd Special Exhibition: Korean “Comfort Women” Abandoned

[ April 29, 2006 – November 12, 2006 ]

An exhibit that brings light to the to the reality of abandonment as experienced by Korean “comfort women”. The exhibition shows the structure of colonial rule and conveys the severe damage that continued even after the war had ended.

1. Korean “Comfort Women” and the Structure of Japan’s Colonial Rule of Korea
2. The Struggle and Life of Song Shin-do (former “Comfort Woman” and Korean resident living in Japan) in the Words of Cyu Su-ja (Support Committee for former “Comfort Women” that are also Korean residents in Japan)
3. Discovering the Damage Inflicted upon Pak Yong-sim (former Comfort Woman) -The Comfort Women of North Korea
4. A 60-year History of the Korean Women’s Struggle

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