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Toward a future of peace and non-violence

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions. Please read before making an inquiry.

About WAM

It is an abbreviation of the first three words of our archival museum, Women’s Active Museum on War and Peace.

Please look at the bottom of this page. The details concerning our opening hours, holidays, entry fee, address, and maps are written in the gray section. You can access the map here.
Please contact the office about exhibition change periods and New Year holidays.

WAM is run as an operation of the non-profit organization, Women’s Fund for Peace and Human Rights. The contents of the exhibitions, events, and seminars at WAM are decided upon consultation with the advisory committee.
WAM does not receive support from countries or administrations, and operates solely on membership fees, entry fees, and donations. We are a museum for the people.
We thank you for your support.

Visiting WAM

We do not have a parking lot. Please use a coin operated parking space.

Group visits are negotiable. Please contact the office for details.

WAM does not lend out meeting rooms. Please feel free to reserve a meeting room in Waseda Hoshien, on the same property as our museum.

We offer a museum guide for groups that have made a reservation. Since the guides are usually conducted in Japanese, please feel free to bring a translator if needed.

It depends on the schedule of the visitor, however, they typically stay between 1 to 2 hours. The guides offered by the museum for groups usually take 30 minutes to an hour.

Unfortunately, we do not offer group discounts.

Filming inside the museum in prohibited.
*To those who wish to interview us at WAM, please skip to the “we want to interview WAM” section.

Concerning the provision of photos

Since WAM was established in 2005, the majority of the photos that are used on our panels have been provided to us by the generosity of photographers and our supporters. Since they are copyrighted by the photographers and providers, WAM can neither permit use nor give out data. It is necessary to contact the holder of the copyright and photo provider listed in the panel and catalog. Unfortunately, the handover service cannot be provided at WAM since it is a difficult task involving copyrights, portrait rights and translation.
There are rare exceptions wherein photographers and providers have outsource the decision concerning the use of photos to WAM, so please feel free to contact the WAM office about photos you are interested in.

Property that is copyrighted by WAM include photographs that have been taken by WAM and photographs taken by the late Yayori Matsui. They are indicated on panels and catalogues as “Photo: WAM,” “Photo: Yayori Matsui,” and such. Pictures such as these can be provided by WAM.

Concerning the loaning of panels (limited domestically, all panels are Japanese)

The panels that can be borrowed are those that were created for past exhibitions.
Firstly, please visit our page concerning the borrowing of panels (Japanese only). Information about the panels, price list, and application are all available on the page.

Apart from our special exhibition packages, we offer a “‘Comfort Women’ Basics for Middle School Students” mini set. We are able to lend out a minimum of 1 panel, so please feel free to rent as many panels according to the size of your exhibition hall.

There are two rings on the upper corners of each aluminum framed styrene board. Since they are light in weight, it is possible to hang them up through the rings with hooks or thumbtacks. There are smaller panels that do not have a frame or a ring. Instructions for these will be given once the rental application has been made.

There is an application form on the webpage concerning panel rentals. Please fill out this form, and either send it as an e-mail attachment to the WAM office or as a fax.
※Panel rentals are exclusively for WAM members. Please take this as an opportunity to consider joining us.

A document detailing the prices can be downloaded from the panel rental webpage.
The panel rental period is between the time we send the pieces from WAM to the time it is returned. There is an additional postage fees that is added to the panel rental fee.

Concerning interviews with WAM

For interviews, we kindly ask that you apply for an interview ahead of time. Please visit our webpage concerning interviews with WAM, and fill out the application form upon reading the general instructions. We typically conduct the interviews in Japanese. Please bring an interpreter if necessary.

Becoming a member

Entry fees are free of charge for Supporters of WAM. Also, prices for catalogs published by WAM and seminars will be partially reduced. Please go to the “support” webpage for more information.

Please fill out the application form on the membership webpage (Japanese only), and send the membership fee for the first year. (Payment methods are available through postal transfer, bank transfer, and PayPal.)


It is possible but it is entirely dependent on the space available. If you wish to do this, please send us an e-mail beforehand.

We do not have space to display posters.

Please contact the WAM office for requests concerning websites and URLs.
※ Please note that we cannot guarantee that we will post all URL enquiries
※ Our webpage for additional links is currently under maintenance. We ask for your patience until it is completed.

The majority of our panels are in Japanese. If necessary, it may be useful to be accompanied by an interpreter.