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WAM Booklet 1: Why Record War Time Violence



Women’s Active Museum on War and Peace Compilation

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Table of Contents
– Preface

  1. How to Face War and Sexual Violence-from The Women’s International War Crimes Tribunal to Women’s Active Museum on War and Peace Date of Seminar: July 20th, 2003
  2. Why record War Time Violence- Thinking about the meaning and significance of the establishment of WAM Date of Seminar: October 4th, 2003
  3. How Should We Record War Time Violence- Learning from Germany and Korea’s Experiment Date of Seminar: December 21st, 2003

In 2003 three symposiums were held to publicize the vision for the creation of Women’s Active Museum on War and Peace. The symposiums discussed questions such as, “How should we face wartime violence?” and “Why record the “comfort women?” issue”.
Holding the symposiums was a process that all participants shared in to reflect on the significance of the creation of WAM and the direction that this museum should pursue.

The contents of the symposiums were published as WAM’s WAM-book 1 in December of 2005. There were a total of 10 wonderful presenters involved in the symposiums: Norma Field, Akiko Miyake, Kiyoko Furusawa, Kim Ki-ok, Yamashita Yong-ae Suzuyo Takasato, Kimiko Yamashita, Yoon Jung-ok, Rumiko Nishino, WAM director and Eriko Ikeda, Head of WAM’s Executive Committee.

Two papers written by Kim Ki-ok are included in WAM-book 1. Our marketing occurs slowly but surely, via word of mouth.

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