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Toward a future of peace and non-violence

WAM Catalog 3 on WAM’s 2rd Special Exhibit: The Life and Works of Ms. Matsui Yayori


Dates of the Exhibit: Dec. 2005- Apr. 2006

Women’s Active Museum on War and Peace Compilation

Table of Contents

  1. Excerpts and Drawings from Her Dairy
  2. Pictures of Ms. Yayori’s Childhood and Youth
  3. Ms. Yayori’s works as the First Female Newspaper Editor with the Asahi Newspaper
  4. Ms. Yayori as An Activist- Her Involvement Began with The Women’s Liberation but Culminated with The Women’s International War Crime Tribunal

Price: 1500 JYEN (approx. $15.00 USD)
Language: Japanese
Pages: 48
Full Colour
Date Published: November 2006

The life and works of Ms. Matsui Yayori Exhibit portrays WAM’s founder, journalist and female activist Ms. Matsui Yayori. The catalogue will include information on such things as her childhood diary and family photos, various scoop articles she wrote for the Asahi Newspaper, and information on her accomplishments as an activist.