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Toward a future of peace and non-violence

Testimonies of Asian “Comfort Women” (Volume 1)



preserve the message to avoid repetition in the future. Collection of the testimonies of South Koreans, North Koreans, and Koreans living in Japan (Volume 1)

Women’s Active Museum on War and Peace Compilation
Price: 3150 JYEN (approx. $31.50 USD)
Language: Japanese
Pages: 286

Table of Contents

  1. Pak Yong-sim’s (former Comfort Woman) testimony- Taken to the Front Lines of the Battlefield
  2. Ms. Song Shin-do- Cheated into Going to Wuhan, China and Japan
  3. Kim Hak-soon’s- How She Made up Her Mind to Come out
  4. Colonial Rule in Korea and the Structure of the System Used to Secure and Transport “Comfort Women”
  5. Charts and Information on the Changes Made to the Description of “Comfort Women” in Junior High School History Textbooks, Wartime Responsibility. A Chronology of Statements Made by the Japanese Government About Their Responsibility with Regard to Colonial Rule and Recommendations Made by UN Related Mechanisms

Over the next few years WAM will publish a collection of testimonies of former “comfort women” from various parts of Asia. 7 volumes will be published all together.
The first volume is a collection of testimonies of Korean comfort women including those of North and South Koreans and Koreans residents in Japan.
The documenting the victim’s testimonies maintains a historical record of their experiences. Please hear out the individual and unique stories of these victims.

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